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Ways to kick that Gambling Urge


Generally speaking, people refer to problem gambling as an activity wherein the person is unable to resist his/her gambling impulses, resulting in severe social or personal consequences for himself/herself.

Getting over problem gambling can prove to be a very difficult task. Even if you manage to overcome it once, you’d need to be constantly on guard against any kind of urges, in order to get rid of it forever. Please note, it’s very difficult for the ex-problem gamblers to engage in any form of recreational gambling. Abiding by an abstinence-based technique becomes necessary to enjoy a wholesome life. And how do you maintain this abstinence? By keeping your gambling urges in check. Let’s acquaint you with top 4 ways to help you make it happen.

Enrol into a self-exclusion scheme

One of the better ways to get a handle on your gambling urges is by enrolling into a self-exclusion scheme such as Gamstop. Gamstop is the biggest such scheme in all of United Kingdom and soon it will be compulsory for all the UK based online gambling portals to become a part of it, if they require a UK gambling commission license. By enrolling into Gamstop you are automatically banned from playing at Gamstop-registered online casinos for a time period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years whatever is chosen by you. On the other hand, any time you feel that you can control your gambling urges and won’t proceed further after playing a few hands, you can always check out some other poker and casino sites, to handle those desperate situations.

Indulge in something entirely different

The human brain gets tuned in a specific way when it’s used to gambling. Hence, it will be important for you to keep your brain constantly stimulated even after stopping gambling. One of the better ways of doing that is by setting new goals for yourself and creating to-do-lists for the tasks on a daily basis. Once you get busy with problem-solving, it will become easier for you to cope with those gambling urges.

Kill boredom with advanced planning

Gamblers get addicted to the highs and lows associated with the activity and struggle a lot with boredom-filled periods in their lives. It is important to plan your days in a manner that you don’t feel tempted to gamble in between. Even research has revealed that problem gamblers have a low boredom threshold and will invariably avoid or not complete a specific task, if they find it uninspiring.
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Remind yourself about the cons of gambling

In order to stay away from gambling during your abstinence period, you should constantly remind yourself about the fact that no matter what betting strategy you use, you are most likely to lose in the end (unless of course you are playing a skill-based casino games such as blackjack or poker). The chance of bagging an immediate high reward can prove to be very tempting, especially when you are facing some financial crisis. Reminding yourself that it’s very difficult to stop once you begin, can help you better manage such urges.

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