How to learn poker
News 02-10-2019

How Can New Poker Players Learn the Game?

For many people trying to get into the world of casino games, poker is the starting point. It is the game often glamorized by TV shows like reality series King of Vegas, movies like Molly’s Game and James Bond flick Casino Royale. An article about the most popular casino games by investment research company Market […]

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News 03-09-2019

Ways to kick that Gambling Urge

Generally speaking, people refer to problem gambling as an activity wherein the person is unable to resist his/her gambling impulses, resulting in severe social or personal consequences for himself/herself. Getting over problem gambling can prove to be a very difficult task. Even if you manage to overcome it once, you’d need to be constantly on […]

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myths about online poker
News 26-08-2019

Busting online poker myths

Playing online poker is a lot of fun and can prove to be very profitable for the skilled players. People who are used to playing live poker on the Internet can benefit from a wealth of resources to help them succeed over a period of time. However, regardless of how far we have come with […]

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Playing GTO Poker
News 07-08-2019

GTO Poker

If you have even a passing interest in playing online poker, chances are you will have heard the term ‘GTO’.  This stands for Game Theory Optimal and it means using a strategy which cannot be countered in any way by your opponents. Another way to describe GTO is that it is an unexploitable strategy but […]

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online e wallets
News 28-07-2019

The safest payment methods revealed

When you play at an online gambling site, you want your transactions to be as safe and secure as possible.  It’s common for players to have some fears that their funds may be at risk from fraud. However, there are several precautions that can be taken to make your online gambling transactions safer. The payment […]

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Galaxy S10 Plus handset
News 25-07-2019

Poker On The Go: Which Android Device Is Best?

For those hardcore poker fans amongst us, being able to indulge in a game on the go is a much-sought-after luxury. Thankfully, with the incredible mobile technology at our fingertips, this is made all the more simple. Whether it’s your favourite app, or a browser-hosted treat, Android devices are widely known for offering some of […]

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News 19-07-2019

How to use tracker software to improve at poker

Photo by Markus Spiske // CC0 1.0 Poker tracking software can be used to potentially improve your game Online poker is a very different game to live poker – in some ways this is obvious. You can’t actually see the person through the screen, so in online poker most of your reads come from betting patterns and […]

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News 08-07-2019

Top reasons to play mobile poker

Hundreds of thousands of people are known to actively play poker on their mobile phones, in different parts of the world. While for some it’s a serious activity which earns them their livelihood, for others it’s a plain hobby or a form of entertainment. Either ways, it’s important for these players to have the convenience […]

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What is a Dutching bet calculator
News 24-06-2019

Dutching bet calculator

Whereas some areas of betting are relatively straightforward, there are others that are a little bit more complicated. The Dutching technique is definitely one that needs a bit of studying before use as Cashout which is still in its infancy. You might be wondering where Dutching gets its name from. It’s nothing to do with […]

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Tips for playing poker
News 16-06-2019

Top Poker Tips

Playing poker is a great way to enjoy some interactive, competitive fun and excitement while you make an extra buck or two. Regardless of whether you play poker in a formal, casino atmosphere, in an informal gathering at a friendly neighborhood game or online poker on your PC or mobile screen, you’ll benefit from some […]

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