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Is It Harder to Play Poker in Person or Online?

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From a merely technical point of few, online poker is harder to play. It requires a stable internet connection, a suitable electronic device, and the necessity to complete a multi-step registration process before you can start playing.

On the other hand, face-to-face poker requires a specific mindset and subtle psychological skills that may take years to master.

Face-to-face Poker Strategies & Tips

Here is a simple guide to in-person poker to help you enjoy its varieties safely and responsibly.

1. Learn the rules

To play poker in person, you should learn the rules of the game’s most popular versions: Texas Hold’em, 7-Card Stud, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo, and 5-Card Draw.

You’ll immediately become the table’s laughing stock if you inadvertently break a rule when a hand is played.

2. Learn to focus

Unless the explicit “no talk” rule is in place, talking isn’t forbidden during a game of poker. Hence, opponents try to “talk” one another out of their comfort zones.

Others pull faces at one another and do all sorts of bizarre gestures to deceive and confuse their opponents. Before you learn to read your opponents, you should learn not to let them distract you.

3. Be prepared to lose

Mastering face-to-face poker is a marathon, not a sprint race. When playing in a real money casino, you should be prepared to lose a few hands to get to know your opponents.

In particular, try to remember tell-tale gestures they make when getting a solid hand. You buy time to learn to read the players across the table with every small hand you lose.

Online Poker Challenges

Here are the most common challenges you’ll face when playing poker online.

1. It’s fast-paced

Compared to face-to-face poker, its online variety is an action-packed game where hands are played at lightning speed.

If you lose focus for just a minute, you may miss your turn without having the chance to play your excellent hand.

2. Online poker aides

You can play multi-table or sit&go online tournaments for real money on many websites worldwide. However, these fast-paced events require even greater focus than their real-life counterparts.

In a move to stay on top of things, many poker players use special software to improve their odds.

Statistical and hand-recording programs like PokerTracker and Hand2Note are allowed in most public online poker rooms.

When playing in multi-table tournaments, one is allowed to use electronic aides like Table Ninja 2 and Stars Caption.

3. Play from anywhere, but should you?

You can play online poker on your way to work or during lunch, but it’s hardly a good idea if you are playing for real money and the stakes are high.

You may not only lose your hand, but also miss your stop, get to the office late, and get disciplined, or even fired!

Let’s Recap

The above arguments suggest that online poker is slightly more challenging to play than the original version because there are many technical and external factors to consider during a session.

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