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Top reasons to play mobile poker

Playing mobile poker

Hundreds of thousands of people are known to actively play poker on their mobile phones, in different parts of the world. While for some it’s a serious activity which earns them their livelihood, for others it’s a plain hobby or a form of entertainment. Either ways, it’s important for these players to have the convenience of accessing their favourite poker games at any time they like, from anywhere they want.

This is where gambling or poker apps come into the picture. Although poker operators took some time to catch up with the mobile trend, nowadays, almost every reputed gambling apps provider offers various types of poker games to the interested players.

Let’s talk about some major reasons why playing poker on your mobile phone is a good idea. However, before that, here are some frequently asked questions related to playing poker on mobile phones, particularly through poker apps.

More variety

Playing poker on your mobile phone enables you to enjoy a large variety of poker games. Carry out a simple search for ‘mobile poker apps’ on the internet and you’re highly likely to come across a great multitude of options. All such poker apps are equipped with several poker variants such as 7 Card Stud, Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and more, each available with a simple tap on the mobile phone. In fact, many players hone their poker skills through such apps and then take part in major poker tournaments like World Series of Poker. It’s not a coincidence that the 2019 edition of the tournament is expected to receive record entries!


Any time you wish to play poker, you can simply unlock your mobile phone and click the app to get started. There is no need of getting dressed up and commuting to some casino. Your account with the app can also be easily funded with secure online payment options. So, having to carry large sums of money to the casino or poker club is also ruled out. And in case you’re busy doing something else, for instance watching your favourite TV show, you can still continue playing in short bursts.

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Lower rakes

The rakes for online poker or mobile poker are generally low compared to the brick and mortar casinos. Visit any normal online casino poker room and you’d need to pitch in 10% of the pot, and $5 max per hand. On the other hand, in online poker rooms, the rake is usually 5% of the pot and $3 maximum. Mobile poker apps can also often do with less rake amounts as there are hardly any operating expenses to take care of, as against the brick and mortar casino establishments and poker rooms.


Multi-tabling is an excellent mobile poker feature, wherein you can simultaneously play at more than one poker table, in fact up to 20 tables at any given time. Playing at multiple tables implies that you’ll get to play more number of hands per hour, hence, higher chances of winning more sums of money. It also serves as an excellent means of honing up your poker skills by adding another challenging dimension to the game.

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