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The Future of VR Casinos

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Where Did Online Gambling Come in From?

During 1994, when the internet was totally commercialized, the Caribbean nations of Barbuda and Antigua was the first to regulate online gambling. They were the first to grant licenses to companies who wanted to set up online casinos.

Online gambling later started to blossom in 1996, with the appearance of the first-ever VR casino called InterCasino.Gambling, and the industry itself became one of the first that fully embraced VR. Quite a few other VR casinos started to show up around the years 2012 and 2013. Since that time, the tentative scope of online gambling has increased a great deal. VR casino gambling has now become a lot more widespread and accepted by the masses all over the world.

What Is Virtual Reality Gambling?

The innovative 21st century has spread out it’s hand to the VR gaming industry. Online casinos have been tried to be given a more realistic appeal. The users can now experience a three-dimensional environment of a real live dealer casino without even stepping into it.

The hyper-realistic features of the user’s favorite online games are known as VR slots. Virtual reality is to reshape and reform the online casino industry drastically.

VR Casinos provide a gaming experience that is never to be forgotten. It is all about enjoying the sensation of playing the latest VR-adapted slot games. Virtually real poker rooms are known to be one of the best games which draw maximum benefit from this technology.

The only thing needed for online gambling is a smartphone, and nowadays, VR headsets also help in personalizing the gaming experience even further.

Some of the best headsets are Google Daydream View, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift VR, HTC Vive VR etc.

The Effect and Cause of Growing Use of VR in the Gambling Industry

Advancements in online gambling add to new experiences for players and punters all around the world. The improvements in the field of VR have added a number of interesting features to the new digital casino games.

However, there are quite a few factors that add to the growth of VR in online casinos.

  • A combination of online gaming and gambling helps to keep the punters glued to their seats. These casino games are highly addictive and provide an engaging and real-world experience of virtual happenings.
  • The variety of multiplayer games brought out by the VR is huge.
  • VR gaming is gaining popular grounds because it stimulates both the auditory as well as visual senses.
  • VR casino games are highly interactive, unlike online casino games. The options of live chat and live voice chat are also available. Players can now freely interact with other players.
  • There is a fantastic scope to choose from several characters to play.
  • The regular improvement and addition of new casino games keep the gamblers waiting for more features to come up.

Few Best VR Slot Games

  • Miss Midas
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Jack’s World
  • Jack and the beanstalk
  • Starburst
  • Thunderstruck
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Reel Rush
  • Cleopatra
  • Mega Moolah

Few Drawbacks of VR Casinos

Besides a lot of advantages catering to the use of VR Casinos, there are quite a few disadvantages that the users have to keep in mind before switching to a virtual version of their favorite pastime.

  • The technology of VR still being in its nascent state bears a close resemblance to those found in computer or game console programs. However, some virtual casino users’ experiences do not meet their expectations.
  • A major disadvantage of VR casinos is the expense of running them. The devices such as VR headsets and the installation of software required to run a VR casino can be quite expensive.
  • VR headsets can sometimes cause discomfort. If they are worn for a very long time, it is reported to make the users feel nauseous, which is also known as VR motion sickness.
  • VR gaming is very addictive and therefore is quite time-consuming. Therefore, it ends up hampering the user’s daily routine.

So, What to Expect from VR Casinos?

Technological progress doesn’t stand still at any certain point; it is always moving and keeps changing. VR casinos is just another technological boon to humankind. VR slots and games can now be enjoyed at home, and it is totally worth a shot. The players who are into virtual reality games might be feeling like a real gambler at the table of some land-based casino. The punters can also hear comments of rivals and with special gloves, helmet and glasses on, they can also feel the real sensations. People who have ever experienced VR casinos have said to get completely immersed in the game. VR casino offers addictive games, and it is not clear as to what the future of VR Casinos holds in store. Maybe something better for players to experience in the future!

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