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Why poker players love calculators

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Poker is one of the most popular games on the planet. It is enjoyed by millions of players around the world, and therefore, it is no surprise that people are constantly trying to find an edge over their opponents.

One of the newer advancements in the area is poker calculators. Although not accepted at all casinos and tournaments, they can still be used as a useful training tool, helping players make better decisions in the heat of a game. If you are considering using a poker calculator, or are simply just wondering how they work, you have come to the right place. Below is a mini-guide explaining exactly why so many poker players love calculators.

What are poker calculators & how do they work?

Poker tools come in all shapes and sizes. Poker calculators are generally used to help you make the most intelligent move, statistically speaking.  They are powered by complex probability algorithms which take a long list of factors into account. This includes the previous round of betting, the player’s card as well as the cards on show.

Calculators must also be tailored to specific poker variants as different games require widely different probability calculations.

Push or fold calculators

These useful poker tools are based on Jennifeat’s push or fold charts. Using a push or fold calculator is fairly simple. Simply input your first card, second card, position on the table, ante percentage of the big blind, as well as the number of blinds in the game. After doing this, you will be advised whether to push or fold, based on the probability of you winning the hand. These can be used in training to fine tune your situational play.

Poker advantage calculator

This calculator works out your winning ratio, and then normalises it compared to other players. So for instance if the calculator worked out your ratio to be -95%, you have next to no chance of winning. However, if you get a positive number such a 54%, you have a fairly good chance of being victorious. Again, this information can be useful for planning what you may do in an in-game scenario.

Poker relative calculator

If you have ever watched a live poker tournament online or on television, it is likely that you have come across a poker relative calculator. They are often used to give viewers an insight into the relative probabilities of each player winning the hand. As this is a relative calculator, all of the cumulative odds will add up to 100.

Where can I find a poker calculator?

If this article has convinced you to give poker calculators a go, you are probably wondering where you can find one. One of the best places to start in on your mobile’s app store. However, make sure to pay close attention to the reviews as some of these apps are not entirely reliable. A more trusted option is to simply search ‘poker calculators’ in Google. There are many different sites that have them and most are free to use.

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