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Player wins $1,000,000 at PokerStars tournament

Spin and Go Flash

In October, a new kind of Spins appeared on PokerStars: Spin & Go Flash. This is a fast version of traditional spins and playing at the tables. Flash spins are much faster, which creates action at the tables.

On March 30, the first winner of the $1,000,000 jackpot in this discipline was determined. Everything happened at the $ 5 online table, whose players had a jackpot of $1,200,000.

The Estonian “easycall80”, the Danish “TopEliten” and the Russian “Chagash” joined the struggle for the cherished million. The last of them is in a dilemma: rejoice at the payment of $100,000 or upset because he did not win $1,000,000.

All due to the fact that Chagash did not take his chance to win a million, and such an opportunity in Spin & Go falls one in 50 million Spin & Go. The Russian player was the first to leave the game and took the payout of $ 100,000.

In the finals, the Danes TopEliten and the Estonian easycall80 fought for a million. The winner of the tournament and the owner of $1,000,000 was the Danish poker player TopEliten. Considering a buy-in of $5, the player increased his participation fee 200,000 times.

Poker becoming more popular in Nordics

While at first poker was not very popular in Scandinavian countries, it gained wide acclaim among citizens afterward. It is particularly popular in places where the legal framework of gambling is complicated. Lately, new Norwegian casinos known as nye casino sider among citizens of Nordic countries introduced a new set of games, including poker, to attract players from Norway as well as Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. So it clearly shows the effort from online casinos to make poker more prominent in players.

TopEliten involved in another tournament

Danish player TopEliten has also played in the Sunday Million anniversary at PokerStars but did not manage to win money there. It was a notable and outstanding tournament in terms of the prize pool, and plenty of players from Scandinavias countries took part in the event. But the winner ended up to a Brazilian player AAAArthur, gaining $1.1m.

As we have mentioned, it was a historic tournament, considering the amount of prize money offered to players.

Coronavirus having impact on poker

COVID-19 has become a global problem, affecting a lot of significant events and economies around the world, and poker has been no exception. Players are forced to withdraw from events and focus on online poker, which is the primary source right now of playing poker, considering the restrictive measures to contain the virus.

It is tough to predict when the current situation will decline, and people go back to a normal way of life. A lot of countries, including Italy, the United States, are already in a lockdown, and the number of infected rises every day, surpassing China even. But some are optimistic about the fact that it will disappear by summer completely.

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