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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Poker on Mobile

Playing mobile poker guide

Being able to play poker on our phones is a wonderful thing. With Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access via 4G (and now 5G), you can play online poker from just about anywhere. All the major sites have embraced poker apps and heavily invest their marketing campaigns for mobile users. After all, not everyone has a PC or laptop at home. This article will provide you with the key information you need to know when choosing to play poker on mobile.

Read Reviews

The number one tip to playing poker on mobile is to check reviews. Make sure you know what the software, traffic, look, and feel is like first. There’s nothing more irritating than downloading and installing an app than deciding it’s not for you and uninstalling. Our site has numerous reviews. Have a read and see what’s best for you.

Charge Your Phone

You’d be surprised how often I see players at the table sitting out for ages because their phone has died. Don’t fire up a tournament if you’re on the move and have 20% battery life. You will waste your money, irritate yourself, and feel rubbish for the rest of the day. If you plan on playing a lot on your phone, charge it first.

Take Care Clicking

Like death and taxes, misclicks are certain. They are inevitable in poker. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a PC, tablet or phone, you will misclick every once in a while. However, you can reduce the chances of them happening. Take extra care when you’re playing poker on your mobile. This is especially true if you’re playing on a small screen. One misclick could cost you a buy in. Poker is a game of mistakes, make less than your opponent and you should win. Don’t let misclicks be one of them.

Stick to the Best Sites

There’s a fantastic range of options available to you. Most poker sites have adapted well and can offer poker on your phone, but some are worse than others. I think the best poker app is 888 Poker. Their software is smooth, you can get to tables easier, and it’s not laggy. Everything is efficient and designed to get you playing quickly, without hassle. Check out our 888 Poker App review for more information.

Find Out Banking Options

Firing up a game on your phone is one thing, but you need to check you can cash out from the app too. The best poker apps will have a facility for you to cash out through the app, some don’t. This isn’t necessarily terrible. Some sites implement this as a security measure to protect you and your money. If you lose your phone and someone gains access, you could lose your bankroll. It’s always best to check first so you know and not surprised later.

Don’t Change How You Play

Many players change how they play when it comes to playing on mobile. It’s like they forget who they are or what they usually do because they’re on a phone. Poker doesn’t change, whether it’s on Android, iPhone, or 2 monitors at home – it’s the same game. If you want to win money at poker on your mobile, play your normal game that wins you money. Don’t change how you play and you will have a better chance of earning.

New? Play for Free

If you’re new to online poker and want to try it out. Every poker app I have tried has the option to play for free money. That’s your best way of learning and understanding how poker is played. Once you are familiar and think you know a bit, fire up a micro stakes game. There are games that are low as 1c/2c. If you want to learn quickly and earn money at the same time, there are sites that offer poker training videos membership for as little as £49.99 per year. It’s a cheap and efficient way to improve as you can save time and money you would spend yourself, by learning from an expert.

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