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Dutching bet calculator

What is a Dutching bet calculator

Whereas some areas of betting are relatively straightforward, there are others that are a little bit more complicated. The Dutching technique is definitely one that needs a bit of studying before use as Cashout which is still in its infancy.

You might be wondering where Dutching gets its name from. It’s nothing to do with the Netherlands but instead comes from the accountant of American gangster Al Capone. Dutch ‘Dutchy’ Schultz created the technique that saw him place various amounts on a number of horses. His calculations put him in a position where the same profit figure would be won regardless of which selection was a winner.

Now this isn’t an easy task to achieve but the good news is that you can enlist the help of a Dutching bet calculator to do all the hard work for you. This method doesn’t have to be restricted to being used on horse racing and football is a popular sport in which it is employed.

If you want to place several bets on a football game and guarantee the same profit from each, then you can use a Dutching calculator. This would show you how much is required to be placed on each selection. Then once placed, the bets would each produce an identical profit if one is a winner. This can be best used in markets such as the correct score or first goalscorer where there are good odds available.

It’s a complicated process with a variety of types, including simple, set amount and set profit. Learning the exact way, it works might take a bit of homework but at least once learnt, the Dutching calculator can be of assistance. It will aid you in deciding how much to stake on each selection simply by entering their odds and your maximum stake.

Cashout is a relatively new introduction to the world of betting. The days of having to wait for an event to end before a return can be received are long gone now when this is available.

Say, you bet on Liverpool to win and they go 1-0 up on their opponents Manchester City. You might be nervous about them keeping that lead, especially if it was against the run of play. Normally you would have to wait for the final whistle to be blown and by then Liverpool might be drawing or losing and your bet would be lost.

With Cashout that isn’t the situation you find yourself in. If you wish, you can cashout your bet before the final whistle. You won’t receive the full amount you’d have won if waiting for the game to reach its natural conclusion, but a profit is more than likely. Imagine your joy if the game ends without Liverpool winning and there you are with your profit.

It’s a fascinating betting tool but a risky one too. You might cashout and then your team goes and wins anyway. It certainly adds interest to your bet.

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