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Busting online poker myths

myths about online poker

Playing online poker is a lot of fun and can prove to be very profitable for the skilled players. People who are used to playing live poker on the Internet can benefit from a wealth of resources to help them succeed over a period of time. However, regardless of how far we have come with the online poker technologies, there are still some inaccurate poker related ‘facts’ that keep cropping up at online/off-line forums. Let’s bust some such popular online poker myths in this short write-up.

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Only tight poker players when online

Although there is some truth to the fact that consistent online poker winners are the ones who play micro stakes, and play them much tighter than all those maniacs who play like donkeys. However, once you make a move up and amongst the higher stake players, playing very tight can be the perfect recipe for losing. The top-rated poker players can easily sense the kinds who play only the best hands and don’t offer much action. On the other hand, these good players also often steal pots with blinds and bluffs, very well combining their smart position plays with well-timed aggression.

Excellent poker players have telepathic abilities and can read their opponents’ minds just by their moves

There is nothing denying the fact that good poker players can often pick up their opponents’ tells, but then talking about them having telepathic abilities and the power to read their opponents’ minds just by staring at their computer/mobile screens is the stuff that Hollywood movies are made up of! In addition, such tells are pretty scant on the Internet. Although you might think that the click speed of the player is an indication of his/her hands, it’s common for online poker players to simultaneously play at 4 or more tables, and the rapidness of their moves might not have much to do with their cards.

Some poker myths

Players get more bad beats on the Internet

Although this might be true, it’s not because of some well thought out JavaScript code. Poker players who play in an off-line setting, don’t normally get to see more than 30 hands per hour on any given day. But when it comes to online poker, you can easily play 3 to 4 times that figure per hour, on any given table. Furthermore, online players often play at 4 or more tables simultaneously. It is common sense that if you play more number of hands, you are obviously going to see more number of bad beats. The bottom line is that when you’re playing online poker you’re going to see the same percentage increase in your wins and folds, as you will with the bad beats. You just have to get used to the idea and play your best poker.

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