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Best e-Wallets for Poker and Casino Players

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If you’re an established poker or online casino player, or even if it’s all new, you will appreciate that transferring funds in and out of your betting accounts is super important. You need the service to be fast, reliable, and secure. Much better if it’s free.

Because online poker and casino sites operate in such a competitive market, they go the extra mile to attract players. That doesn’t just mean hosting the best slots and games, but also the best customer experience – and that includes offering a decent range of payment options.

One of the most convenient payment methods is using e-wallets, which have significant advantages over other forms of payments like debit or credit cards.

What are e-Wallets and How do They Work?

Anyone who uses PayPal, and that will be most of us, is already familiar with e-wallets. Think of them as a payment gateway. You attach your bank details to the e-wallet to fund it and then use the e-wallet to transfer funds to online retailers or betting accounts.

The great advantage is that your bank will only ever see payments to and from the e-wallet, not from any gambling site. And because you can use the same e-wallet across multiple betting accounts, you can keep track of all your payments and withdrawals in one place – ideal for your bankroll management.

Most e-wallets also allow peer-to-peer transfers. For poker players, this is a particular advantage, as players regularly need to transfer cash to one another.

Perhaps the most enticing thing about e-wallets is that they offer premium security. Firstly, you never had to share any of your private financial information, such as cards or bank account numbers, with any online gambling site. Secondly, the e-wallet uses high data encryption, so there is no danger of any of your personal details falling into the wrong hands.

A final benefit is that using e-wallets is so fast. So long as you have funds in your e-wallet, you can transfer cash immediately to your online casino or poker account. If you get lucky and make a profit, you can then withdraw those winnings back to your e-wallet again. It’s fast to withdraw and, in most cases, completely free, although there may be a small charge if you want to progress those funds from your e-wallet on to your bank account.

What are the Best Four eWallets to Use?


One of the most popular e-wallets in the world, you can use PayPal to fund gambling accounts. In fact, there are more and more Paypal casino sites in existence every year as well as poker sites that accept this service, although perhaps not as many as other e-wallet methods … yet.


Skrill is perhaps the best-known e-wallet for fans of iGaming. The brand was initially called Moneybookers and was set up in 2001, especially for online gamblers. It has since grown to be one of the most recognised e-wallet brands in the world.


The ecoPayz service is similar to Skrill, in that it’s easy to set up and super smooth when it comes to moving your money around. It’s free using it to deposit at casinos or poker sites, but check you don’t pay any fees when you first load the e-wallet up from your bank.


First established in Canada in 1999, NETELLER has stood the test of time and is welcome by many online casino and poker platforms. It is a trusted platform and now comes from the same stable as Skrill.

Conclusion – eWallets are Convenient and Fast

If you’re not convinced about using an e-wallet, but you do already have a PayPal account, try using that for your next deposit online. Once you see how fast and convenient the process is, it will be worth you setting up one of the other e-wallets we recommend so that you have more payment options on different gambling sites.

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