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5 best Norwegian poker players

Thor Hansen

When it comes to gambling in Norway, one can say that people there are making serious money. Norway has some restrictions and all sorts of bans but all of this has not affected Norwegians to earn the money from gambling. Some of them started with fluttering on football and continued it with gambling. Gambling in Norway is regulated by the government.

To understand why people play poker, one must think through the whole process. Understanding your competitor’s motives can be a hard part of it. When a gambler knows his strengths and weaknesses to win more money can not be that hard to achieve. Depending on what the gambler’s goal is – Winning or just profiting, they can decide their moves easily. Everyone has their own definition of winning. If the person knows about other people’s motives, he\she will take advantage of that knowledge. It is said that the most famous and successful poker players are the most brutal poker players. People play poker in order to compete with each other. It is very connected to feeding your ego. Competition can also be a healthy part of poker playing. The money will always wind up from the hands of the best players because it is how this whole game works.

The gamblers mostly are gambling because of the competition – they are very detail-oriented and they are always ensuring themselves about the minimal things that are happening on the table. They almost always fold and bet aggressively. The second big reason why people are attracted to gambling is making the money. It is as basic and as simple as that. It is fine to have other goals on the poker table, but it is also a fact that most of the people are going to the casinos because of the money. If you are one of these people who like to start gambling, the best thing you will do before doing that is to start studying. Educate yourself. Develop some self-discipline and control. In the long run, you need to think through it as a big journey. Get ruthless and do whatever you want to do.

Making the money in poker can be very appealing. The giants of the poker are always telling the beginners that they need to change their warm blood in the veins with the ice water because they will need an insane amount of control, patience, and anger management. One always needs to make sure that they have that borders on obsession conquered.

The best Norwegian poker players are also telling us that they play poker in order to have a chat with other people. To know their ideas and strategies. It a way of socializing. But one needs to be attentive with flirting and chatting with other players because they can manipulate you. If you overshare, they will know better how to hurt you easily.

If you would like to know more about the best players in the Norvegian gambling scene, have a look at the 5 best Norwegian poker players down the road.

1.Ola “Odd_Oddsen” Amundsgaard

Amundsgaard is known as “Odd_Oddsen”. He is one of the best known Norwegian poker players and one of the most beloved by fans actually. It is also rumored that Amundsgaard is sometimes referred to as the favorite player of Norwegian online casinos because of his varying strategies, making it hard to place an accurate bet on his performance. He is a cash game player who started playing without no limit but as for now, he is an Omaha specialist in pot-limit. He won $1,733,612 from 2011 at PokerStars. and additionally,  he won $2,127,695 in profit at Full Tilt.

2. Thor Hansen

He is surely a poker legend. He was born in 1947 and his total winning score is $2,949,644. The Norwegian legend’s score sadly dropped when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. He played the 2018 Norwegian open game in march of 2018 and on December 5th of 2018 he passed away. He was a fighter – always. He was given six months when he was diagnosed with cancer, but he lived much more than everyone expected from him. People used to say that he was not made of flesh and bone.

3.Johnny Lodden

This guy has won $2,833,374 in poker. He is fourth in the Norwegian all-time money listing. He used to be a cash player but he also won millions of dollars from untracked cash games.

4.Felix Stephensen

Felix is at the top of all-time money listing with his winning worth of $5,147,911. He is not keen to play poker in the online arena, but he has been seen to play pot-limit Omaha cash games.

5. Preben Stokkan

Preben “prebzzz” Stokkan is the number one live poker player in Norway. The results he had in the past years is tremendous. He also won $10,300 MILLIONS High Roller at the 2017 partypoker Caribbean Poker Party in Punta Cana.


The poker players in Norway are the people who are always improving themselves. It is their goal in gambling, to be better than they were yesterday. They are improving their skills daily, The poker players are pros in reading the people and analyzing the risks. Some of them are just enjoying the show but most of them are always tracking how good they are and how much improvement they had before and after self-education.

Sadly, some people can take this too far, they are getting obsessed with money, getting good at playing and this is why they can not control their emotions or funds. That is why most of the gamblers who can’t control themselves are often going beyond their bankroll. Ego is a dangerous thing and it is very connected to playing poker. One can gamble and still have healthy self-esteem and attitude towards it. Ego trips are always around us and they always take good advantage of us. There is a lot of ego-boosting in competitions and playing with poker. The people who are really making the money from gambling are never egocentric. It is okay to want to win the game but it should not be your main goal in life.

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