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News 29-10-2018

Promotions and Offers on Poker Sites

Source: 888poker via Facebook  In the hugely competitive world of online poker, it’s almost impossible to find a site that doesn’t offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions. The sites are in desperate competition to attract players and for that reason, they have to try to outdo their rivals when it comes to providing incentives. […]

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News 08-10-2018

888 poker

Imagine playing poker on your phone or PC. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well, 888Poker makes it easy for all players to enjoy their favourite poker game from the convenience of their smartphones or any other compatible device. This online poker room was launched way back in 2002, and it has grown in strides to become […]

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mobile poker applications
News 09-08-2018

Texas Holdem Mobile Poker

Many beginners stumble upon the choice on whether to play in brick-and-mortar casinos, or in mobile poker rooms. If you are new to poker in general and Texas Holdem in particular, then you should have also asked this question. Well, in this article I’ve tried to explain some basic differences between land-based casinos and their […]

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News 19-07-2018

APCW Video

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