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Queen of clubs
News 16-06-2020

Ingenious Ways to Play Poker Online

Ask anyone about the most popular casino card game, and they will say poker in an instance. However, until recently, there was a sense of intimidation around playing poker, which took place either on large people-filled casino floors or in smoke-filled back rooms. Now, thanks to online casinos, the scene has changed completely. As a […]

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US poker
News 12-06-2020

Where is poker legal in the US?

Navigating the complicated world of online poker regulation in the United States can be tricky. Whether you favour playing on your mobile, tablet or computer, players need to be careful that they are not violating the law by loading up their favourite casino app. Fortunately, we’ve simplified all the information below – so you can […]

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Playing mobile poker guide
News 05-06-2020

The Ultimate Guide to Playing Poker on Mobile

Being able to play poker on our phones is a wonderful thing. With Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access via 4G (and now 5G), you can play online poker from just about anywhere. All the major sites have embraced poker apps and heavily invest their marketing campaigns for mobile users. After all, not everyone has a […]

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Las Vegas
News 01-06-2020

US online poker sees huge increase in traffic

The spread of COVID-19 has caused huge problems for the sporting industry throughout the world. This in turn has led to a major decrease in the number of people placing bets on sports online. There has been truly little in the way of professional sport available on which to bet as events have stopped taking […]

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Spin and Go Flash
News 04-04-2020

Player wins $1,000,000 at PokerStars tournament

In October, a new kind of Spins appeared on PokerStars: Spin & Go Flash. This is a fast version of traditional spins and playing at the tables. Flash spins are much faster, which creates action at the tables. On March 30, the first winner of the $1,000,000 jackpot in this discipline was determined. Everything happened […]

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Norwegian flag
News 17-03-2020

Norway’s gambling regulations

If you know anything about Norway you probably know that they like to do things their own way. If the country decides to step its foot down and adapt changes or regulations that practically no one around them agrees with, they will still do it. One of the best examples of this is the never-ending […]

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VR headset
News 10-03-2020

The Future of VR Casinos

Where Did Online Gambling Come in From? During 1994, when the internet was totally commercialized, the Caribbean nations of Barbuda and Antigua was the first to regulate online gambling. They were the first to grant licenses to companies who wanted to set up online casinos. Online gambling later started to blossom in 1996, with the […]

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Poker and Blackjack
News 09-03-2020

Which is more popular – Poker or Blackjack?

The gambling industry has been significantly changing over the past few decades. The process is mainly driven by an increasing number of nations with liberalized gambling legislation, allowing local and international players to enjoy a whole diverse range of games. Governments also see a benefit for them in the recent changes as the industry brings […]

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Poker in Australia
News 09-03-2020

Australia’s poker venues take hit

Australia is one of the most developed nations on earth. The country’s economy has gone through a major transformation throughout the second half of the 20th century, making it one of the most competitive globally. The nation exports goods and services, including fossil fuels and is often criticized for being unsustainable and lagging behind the […]

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News 20-01-2020

WPT DeepStacks Schedule

Now that poker is fully available and very popular online as well in app form in so many countries all over the world, the World Poker Tour is able to draw in huge player pools – and prize pools – wherever it goes. The 2019/20 schedule of the World Poker Tour has quite some way to go […]

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